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Telephone: 0787 9042 993

Email: info@proactiveoutdoors.co.uk

Get to know us

Group Personal Training

Group personal training is designed for anyone looking to take their strength and fitness to the next level, but at a fraction of the cost of one to one training.

We custom design our small group training programs to ensure they are right for each group. Sessions contain mixed sex groups and are always capped at no more than 4 people per session to ensure quality of training under high levels of intensity.

Simply tell us when you would like to train and we’ll arrange the rest - you don’t need to find your own group (although you are welcome to!)

Sessions are held throughout the week at the world famous CrossFit Train 3 in Heald Green, M22 5LB, which has 2 floors for strength and fitness training and free parking.

With instructors who push and motivate you to achieve results, this option is ideal for anyone looking to take advantage of personal training for a fraction of the cost, and with the added benefit of having other people to motivate you towards your goals