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Telephone: 0787 9042 993

Email: info@proactiveoutdoors.co.uk

Personal training

Personal Training

One-to-One Personal Training

If you prefer a more personalised approach to achieving your goals, we offer one-to-one personal training. This provides more flexibility on when you want to train. Sessions are held at our Heald Green gym, CrossFit Train 3, which has 2 floors for strength and fitness training and free parking.

Your trainer will conduct a full health and fitness consultation, with assessments to match. You will set specific yet realistic goals that will be challenging but well within your grasp.

Whether it's weight loss, fitness, strength training, corrective exercise or flexibility, you can be sure ProActive Fitness will provide the most suitable trainer to meet your needs.

All of our instructors are trained to REP Level 3 as standard, and have extensive experience. They have undergone hours of studying to ensure the best possible result can be achieved from each and every goal.

Once a personalised profile has been created, your trainer will then provide you with a detailed plan of how to achieve your goals. This can range from exercise type and frequency, to diet plans and lifestyle changes. We will also provide you with as much online support and guidance as you may need, and arrange regular personal training sessions to ensure you achieve maximum results as quickly as possible.

Group Personal Training

As an alternative to personal training, we also offer the option of group personal training. Receive many of the benefits of personal training but for a fraction of the cost. With group training programs custom designed to ensure they are right for each group and instructors who push and motivate you to achieve results, this option is for anyone looking to take their training to the next level